Project Brutality 66


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Versión 667
Tipo Drygores Kalphite King Active staff Economy Completionist Capes Community Driven 12 bosses Dicing Looking For Staff Full Screen
United States
Ultima Actualización26 Jun 2016
Fecha de Ingreso03 Jun 2016


Project Brutality provides a unique and appealing gameplay. One of which can be matched by no other
Change Logs
03 Jun 2016

Added a donation link in-game. Type ;;donate.

03 Jun 2016

Adding in the ;;vote command.

03 Jun 2016

Minor Bug fixes were made. 0200 EST

04 Jun 2016

Minor Bug fixes.

+ removed unnecessary shops.

05 Jun 2016

Added link to Forum button In-Game.

10 Jun 2016

Fixed the Donator's ;;bank command.

11 Jun 2016

Increased Drop Rate of Barrows Items

21 Jun 2016

Fixed some loading Issues and event that the player could null his or her client. 0115 EST