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[center]Ovargo 667-
Welcome to Ovargo 667
Ovargo was Founded on 17/12/2014 , a new great server for those that prefer community but stilllike having the advantage of gameplay as well. We try to offer a great sense of realityand performance for the great people that play RSPS. We are verynew and wish to take this server alot further, however we need you for this great oppotunity!We need a stable playerbase and a team to provide great support.We are in beta stages and still working on things like the website and authorised systems.For now we have generated a tempory website with free hosting.
Heres the link! Ovargo 667 - - Home
Want to know a bit about what we have ?Follow the post below 
- We have a range of bosses , mostly the standard ones!- We have a great , very organised home!- A great and huge amount of Customs! Pics below- DoubleXP every other weekend- A protection/security system to maximise security-Some custom emotes , made by ovargo!- Easy levelling for the guys that hate hard servers!- Custom prestige system , ( unlimited prestiges )- A newly designed DonatorZone ! pics below.- PVP highscores in-game- Comp cape with changed requirments (more challenging)- All working dry-gores and Offhands ! Pic Below-Awesome seasonal events! Hosted by players- Working GrandExchange ( non player based )- Very Very few Bugs/Glitches- Pest Control 100%- Castle Wars 100%
Heres the link again Ovargo 667 - - Home

Heres a few Pics from In-Game:[img]https://imageshack.com/i/exxtzVRQp[/img][img]https://imageshack.com/i/ipmgpSuwj[/img][img]https://imageshack.com/i/iqv4SBg7j[/img]

Must be able to complete tasks on time
Can code with ease and create new things
must be dedicated
must be able to also run ingame

Will provide a split of all donations!