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Versión 1.15.2
Tipo Land Claim Discord PvP Survival Dynmap Earth
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Minecraft: Outlandsis claim blocks based server built from the parent servers CoffeeCraft and Lakbay Pangarap. The server aims to provide quality services and a quality community to be enjoyed by every player. Minecraft: Outlands is a continuously growing community, welcoming players with warm hearts and a friendly atmosphere.

The server provides a classic Minecraft experience with a mix of some modifications to be enjoyed by every player in the server. The server map is also based on the earth's terrain on a 1:1200 scale to be explored by everyone. The server also offers a non-modified map for those who doesn't want to explore the main world.

General Features:

[center]Earth Map[/center]
Minecraft: Outlands provides a unique Minecraft experience to everyone. The server's map is based on the terrain of the earth on a scale of 1:1200. Every player may explore the surface of the earth with no limitations or restrictions. The main map offers all of the ores and natural generations excluding ocean monuments, temples, villages, etc. Although the main map lack some features, the server still offers a default generated map which offers everything the main world lacks.

[center]Claim Blocks[/center]
Minecraft: Outlands offers claim blocks as the server's main land protection. This will guarantee that your area is protected once claimed. Each player has the ability to purchase additional claim blocks at a low price point. enemy, etc. Bonus claim blocks are also obtained through progression or by donating.

Minecraft: Outlands offers a well-planned economy system. Most of the shops are player controlled and most items are sold solely by players, without any restrictions from the server. The players heavily controls the economy and brings balance to the system. Each player may avail other normal ranks to be bought using in-game money along with various perks depending on the rank to be purchased.

[center]Progression System[/center]
Minecraft: Outlands offers a unique progression system for every player. Integrated with the economy system, every player may progress from [4] normal in-game ranks to be bought using in-game money , and [4] Donor ranks to be bought using real money. Each rank differ on their perks, costs, and duration. Though normal in-game ranks are permanent once bought. Donor ranks are not permanent. Donor ranks are purchased as a subscription. A thorough explanation for donor ranks can be found at the #donor-ranks channel.

[center]Vote Rewards[/center]
Minecraft: Outlands offers voting rewards each time a player votes for the server. The rewards are automatically sent to the player who voted. Most rewards are balanced and based on the server's economy and other factors.

[center]Donation Ranks[/center]
Minecraft: Outlands relies on player donations. Every donation goes straight to the server's funds to be used on upgrading the server's hardware, to further improve the quality of services. Donations will also help the server expand and will keep the server running as long as there are players. Donations are voluntary, and donations are much appreciated.

[center]At marami pang iba![/center]
Minecraft: Outlands offers much more features to be found in-game. Minecraft: Outlands is still a growing and a thriving server, with much more features to add in the near future. So what are you waiting for? sali na!

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