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Type Games Destiny PVP PVE RAID
Last Update14 Feb 2020
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House of Wolves PC is a community which helps players of all ages and any location get together and have fun playing Destiny 2 (PC).

This is where players can find like-minded people with whom they can put together teams, play the game and, who knows, maybe find their next best friend.
Whether you are a young wolf, looking for a pack, or a grey wolf looking for a new one, we have PVP Gods running full meta, casual guys running dad loadouts, veteran raiders, PVE freaks, lore geeks and total blueberries.

Our proud members are always available to help players out whether it is raiding, PVE-ing or PVP-ing. The experienced and inexperienced alike are welcome here.

We value mutual respect so, as long as you are not a jerk, you are welcome to join.

You can find more details on our Discord server: (mandatory for all clan members).

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