Pixels MC Lounge

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Type Community Minecraft Sandbox Fun Games Casino Prizes Giveaways Free Hypixel
Location United States
Last Update31 Dec 2021
Join Date31 Dec 2021


Welcome to Pixels Minecraft Lounge where you can meet new friends, talk about Minecraft, and play fun events!

In this server you can:
💬 Talk about Minecraft or any other topics in one of the many chatrooms
🎮 Play fun minigames in any game room, like truth or dare! Win prizes!
🎉 Win one of our daily giveaways, like discord nitro and lunar cosmetics! 
⚔️ Participate in one of our daily Minecraft events, like bedwars on Hypixel!
✨ ... and so much more to explore!
Join Pixels Minecraft Lounge now to have the best time of your life!