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Rang652 Random Server
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Version 3.3.5a 2.4.3
Typ Instant Level Arenas PVP Transmogrifier No Cheats No Donate No Donor Custom World Boss Battlegrounds
United States
Letztes Update21 May 2020
Beitrittsdatum28 Mar 2020


Multiple Realms!

Main Realm: TBC 2.4.3 - 5x Rates - NO DONOR Gear, Minimum 1v1 BGs, Solo/Duo-able dungeons, 5-Man Raids, Scripted Instances, Play SOLO or with Friends, MultiBoxing allowed in PVE only.  Friendly GMs and Cool Players.

2nd Realm (Currently Offline, but coming back soon after major updates!)

WOTLK Server Instant 83 w/ the stats of lvl 90! - Custom World Bosses, Transmog. Many Instances can be solo'd or duo'd or 5-manned. Raids reset every 3.5 days instead of the usual 7 - NO DONOR Gear. Min 1v1 BGs - Start a Guild with 1 player - Start at any level you want - Play Solo or with friends - We Love PVP, but PVE is always allowed and encouraged. - Plus you get some FREE PVE and PVP Gear upon character creation

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