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Version Vanilla Classic 1.12
Typ Medium Rates No Lag Blizzlike Optional Instant Level 60 Custom World Boss Hillsbrad Foothills PVP
Letztes Update09 Mar 2015
Beitrittsdatum28 Jul 2014


Welcome to Project Stormrage! [an x14 1.12.1 Server] Stormrage Project is a newly started project to give you the best experience for progressive World of Warcraft gaming. The goal is to release an additional server with the next expansion when endgame content is cleared. When we release a new server, you would be able to copy your character to this server so you don't have to start from scratch again [like it was on retail!]. This whole project is realised by an experienced team and won't go offline soon.
So grab your chance to restart on a freshly released Vanilla Server [1.12.1] to be one of the first who enter Tier 1.
 But now let me give you some key features:

  - Blizzlike scripted dungeons and raids  - Flexible experience rates from 1x to 14x to let you decide how fast you level up!
  - x2 professions (gathering and crafting)  - Working battlegrounds and world PvP  - Working pathfinding [NPCs don't run through walls or trees etc]  - Most of thousands of quests are working  - Charge/Blink is working  - Most talents/spells are working blizzlike  - Server is always stable and not lagging  - Balanced vote and donation rewards [no game breaking items or services]  - Realm is hosted on a Cloud Server so it can scale to the needed size in no time  - Backups of your Account & Character every hour  - Backups of the entire server every night
Special features:  - Auto learn class spells at level up to save your gold
  - Unique PvP zone in Hillsbrad Foothills (only made for Stormrage!)
  - A custom made world boss called Knight Captain Greyson who is placed near the Scarlet Monastery
  - Flexible XP System


All that said, our project is ready to stand out. All we need is some more promotion. But we are patient. When the community grows slightly, it's ok - at least for us.
But if you like the idea of our project and don't mind not to start with thousands of players on a new released realm, then you should totally join us today!
Your Stormrage Project Team
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