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Webseite undamed-wow.com
Discord Discord
Version 3.3.5a 4.3.4
Typ Custom Events All Professions Crossfaction Custom Content Custom Quests Custom Scripts Custom Items Donate Reward Events Instant 80
Letztes Update19 Nov 2022
Beitrittsdatum21 Feb 2022


  • This is the True Rebirth of Undamed-wow.com
    We are here to reminisce the old days and we will not go away come and PLAY
    3.3.5 Realm consists of all Accounts & Character’s from the day it closed “if you don’t know your credential’s we will help you” (Please get in contact with an Admin for this)
    4.3.4 Realm Consists of the original 4.0.6 Accounts & Characters “if you don’t know your credential’s we will help you”

    Server Features:


    -Custom Quest for you to earn Vote Points right in the game !wow!
    – Custom World Bosses
    – Scripted Dungeons ( Solo and Group )
    – Custom Scripted Events (Valentine’s Day Event Currently Live)
    – 99% of spells are fixed
    – In-game Visual Purchases with in-game Currencies
    – High Quality Gameplay
    – Boosted Experience (no more long leveling times)
    – Instant Level 80
    – Free starter gear
    – Super Friendly Staff
    – You can now Obtain in-game displays for your items with our Discord bot, that lets you play games to earn “Undamed Diamonds” which can be used for items that are in the shop!!!.  ” New item’s will be listed Constantly”
    – And much more !

    So what are you waiting for come enjoy Nostalgia of the good old day’s
    Website: https://www.undamed-wow.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/WnWEwb4Z3t

    Realm Status
    10.0.2 Mystery: Coming Soon
    4.3.4 Divine Cataclysm
    3.3.5 OlympusLIVE
    3.3.5 Pantheon: LIVE

Change Logs
08 Sep 2022

Hey there undamed players we are happy to say we have opened a new realm called pantheon.
Also we have updated our website, and our launcher will be coming soon.
alot of changes to our realms via update in-game.