Argent WoW

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Version 3.3.5
Typ Blizzlike Scripted Progression
Ort Romania
Letztes Update03 Nov 2021
Beitrittsdatum30 Jul 2021


Argent WoW is a new WoTLK server with some major changes and custom content.
• New and improved racials, here is a link where you can check them.
• Tweaking Classes | Scorch castable while moving, Disengage usable out of combat ...
• Custom rares with good loot.


The server is based on AzerothCore. The current phase of the server is CLASSIC, we follow other phasing route and that is phasing per expansion. Since we are now in CLASSIC phase the level cap is 60. When we are going to go through the DARK PORTAL the level cap will be 70 and for WoTLK content will be 80.

You will need some custom patches, that's why our launcher is here. You don't have to download them one by one and add them, maybe you don't know where to add them. Download our launcher, select your WoW 3.3.5 folder and let the launcher do everything for you.

You can do dungeons alone or with one of your friends, two friends etc. Dungeons are scaling with your gear and how many players are in dungeon. Raids will require groups, now you can use the raid finder. List yourself or search for mates.

Premium account for dedicated players. Premium allows you to have mount from level 1, portable bank, auction, trainer, mail box and vendor.

Paragon system where you can distribute points for stats. The paragon level is not the same with your level, you have to level up on paragon separately.

Rewards for achievements, some achievements are rewarding ( not all of them).

We do not plan to add a pay2win shop, there will be just vanity items such as toys, mounts, character options ( rename, change race... ). Some of the shop mounts you will can get in game too by completing achievements, dungeons, raids, pvp.

Find us here