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Version Shadowlands
Typ Wow Server
Letztes Update01 Apr 2022
Beitrittsdatum29 Aug 2014


- SHADOWLANDS 9.1.5  - Thousands of players online - Fresh 9.0 Content : All mythic+ dungeons and Castle Nathria scripted blizzlike - All SL storylines scripted - Quality of Life features added


We are looking for skilled developers for both database and core scripting, please contact us if you are interested


New patchin is busin , quality content without bugs in it not even minor mistakes its like blizzard replica you have to try it , there is a lot of working raids dungeons only couple of them are not working properly but server is more than playable and enjoyable , 2 raids uldir and battle of daz'alor without a single bug , there is a lot of guilds that are focused on pve or pvp even there is a donation option if you want to be geared faster than usualy . One of the rare servers that give 110 character boost and fast leveling of any class you want , nice events from freakz a lot of hard working developers are making this server good like this , get on server try it you will see  by urself the thing im saying , players are not toxic everyone is helpfull its really enjoyable to just spend time on server enjoying PVE farming mounts or transmog ,some additional scripted things in all aroun the wow world you can experiment with things you can do everything with not a single limit by anyone , try it guys trust me you will not regret a single second spent on server , if you want to be Ftp its still easy to farm up gear !


WoW Freakz is a server that has been around for more than 10 years and so it has experience in this domain. This can be seen in the multiple fixes that happen everyday which means they are actively working on the content. Staff is ok, they are very communicative (especially on Discord) and respond to every ticket with a solution and not the clasic "Ask on forum". They have gone thorugh almost every expansion starting with Wrath of the Lich King and they are currently on the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

There is only one server realm named Warsong.The BFA content is scripted, buggy in some places but not to the point where you can't progress further. All current dungeons and raid (Uldir atm) is working as it was supposed to. They are also working on older content such as dungeons and raids. The server is on 8.3.5 patch but with 8.0 content with some quality of life mechanics such as: titan residuum vendor, conquest points vendor, buffed artifact knowledge so it won't be a grindfest and more.

The server rates are x10 until 110 and x3 until 120. New players can boost one character to 110 to try the server and jump straight into BFA content. They will shortly release 8.1.0 content and 8.2.0 will be expected in summer.

My overall experience on the server is a pleasant one both PvP and PvE scenes are fairly active and seasonal events are working properly. Battlegrounds, Raids and Dungeons are crossfaction so the percentage of each faction doesn't really matter, there are hardcore raiding guilds on each faction for those who like to compete for world first. Overall population is ok, not so many trolls and I have met some nice people over my journey in the game. I am an active player on the server and if you can't decide whether to play on this server or not, I hope this convinced you to give it a try and maybe we'll cross paths in the BFA world :)


I play this server from 2010 and i can say is one of the best private servers in the world. Tones of fixes daily and professional scripts.

WoW Freakz Warsong Realm is 1 of the best scripted BFA servers I've seen so far. Not only the friendly and hard working staff but also the community and friendliness of most people. Here you will be able to experience something you'd might not have seen before cause this is coming from a player who've been here for over 6 years... its the experience of a life time a place to make unique friends and learn the game little by little. With a working and worthy voting system you can earn things like mounts, pets any many other things.