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Typ Freetoplay International Long Term Play 2 Win Cheap Silk Cap 110 D11
Letztes Update04 Aug 2021
Beitrittsdatum26 Feb 2021


♦ About Asura
Asura is a cap 110 silkroad private server designed and developed to be the most stable cap 110 server out there
It contains player-friendly systems in many ways - also no original feature has been disabled - everything works.
You can access all the information you are missing from the subject on our website.
we will support more languages soon, join us now!
We run our world-servers on (each machine 64 RAM / 1GBPs lines) therefore also in terms of hosting we will guarantee you lag-free & low latency gameplay at all times.
Asura is clean from "shit-content" and it will be always avoided at all costs - we offer a high quality play-to-win system even though we are accepting donations - there's nothing you couldn't get without it, Active Support


Solo Experience Rate: x13

Party Experience Rate: x17

Skill Points Gain Ratio: x10

Gold Drop Ratio:  5x

Cap 110

Mastery(CH/EU) 330 / 220

Equipment degree CAP 11th Degree

Max Plus 9 (no adv)

Guild Limit 15

Union Limit 2

Capture The Flag Enabled

Battle Arena Enabled

All Regions Enabled

Fortress war Hotan / Jangan

PC / IP Limit 2 / 4

Server Capacity 4000

Botting Allowed