WoWGasm Reloaded - Promo event up!


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Version 3.3.5a
Typ High Rates Blizzlike
United Kingdom
Letztes Update31 Oct 2017
Beitrittsdatum18 May 2017

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WoWGasm Reloaded - Back to finish first Information:

WoWGasmFrom the ashes of WoWGasm something new is born. WoWGasm Reloaded


[High Rates] [Blizzlike] [Top quality servers]

As many of you know WoWGasm has been gone for quite a long time. There was always that feeling of emptiness.With the feedback from many old players we decided to give it another try This time named WoWgasm Reloaded.In order to show you how much we value you as ex players we are handing out a litte promotion kit for the first xx players that join the server Make sure you redeem your code at one of the reward NPCs located in every starter area and capital cities.