NiceCraft Survival 1.8 to 1.14.4


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Letzter PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Version 1.14.4
Typ Never Reset Grief Prevention McMMo Envoy EpicSpawners EpicEnchants Jobs Quests UltimateTimber Shop
Letztes Update08 Dec 2019
Beitrittsdatum10 Sep 2019
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NiceCraft Survival (1.8 ~ 1.14.4)
A MineCraft SMP Server that will never restart (Build World).
Anything you build here will remain untouched even after version updates.
Having trouble with the game play? Type /Help to open custom help menu.

These are some of the features our server provides for new players.
➜ Starting Grief-Prevention claim of 25x25 (earned up to 5000!)
➜ 3 Sethome & /Enderchest & /Backpack

Exclusive add-on's which is made available for EVERYONE
➜ Rent a stall to buy and sell item /Warp PlayerShop.
➜ Enjoy the additional boost with McMMo RPG plugin.
➜ Collect rare items at /Warp Envoy. (/Evoy every 1 hour)
➜ Boost your existing spawner with EpicSpawner. (/Shop)
➜ Enhance your items with custom enchantment EpicEnchant. (/ee Enchanter)
➜ Challenge other players with 1.8 PvP at /Duel.
➜ Skip the lengthy night with Better Sleep plugin!
➜ /Jobs (3) allow you to earn side-hustle as you play!
➜ More than 18 useful /Warp available to teleport.
➜ Toggle your /PvP status from unannounced PvP.
➜ 300+ /Quests available for all players to explore.
➜ Realistic Tree-Cutting plugin, Ultimate-Timber is installed.
➜ Premium virtual Shop available at /Shop (Including Spawners)

Server Information
➜ Hosted professionally with Titannodes Hosting.
➜ Specs: Intel i7-7700k & 8-GB DDR4 RAM.
➜ Backup twice a day up to 1 week.
➜ Active Moderation team to assist players and enforce rules (

ADDRESS: Play.NiceCraft.Net
DISCORD: Discord.NiceCraft.Net