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Eden Prime, a planet once populated by a multitude of species divided into several factions. Alliances were formed and dissolved, wars broke out, Kingdoms rose and fell, but throughout it all, the denizens of Eden Prime persevered. During one of the longest periods of peaceful spells in the history of the civilization, an invasion of the alien species, Dyanari, was swift and merciless. With their superior weaponry and technology, they almost effortlessly conquered the three kingdoms and the houses beneath them. What survivors remained were forced together, and for years they remained in exile, hiding from their deadly enemy. During this time, the Dyanari set to terraforming Eden Prime to suit their needs, from this transformation sprung the corruption of plant life, and never before seen animal species began to emerge from the decimated landscape.

All of the death and destruction from the invasion had given birth to new life, and with it, the resurrection of the Elder Gods. Seeing a threat to their reign, and the eminent demise of their subserviants, the long since forgotten Gods set about empowering the remaining survivors. Gilgaron, the God of fire and war, gathered all of the Orcs and Goblins. Permethium, the Goddess of water and creation, subjugated the Werebeasts, Finfolk, and Elves. Deeming the humans to be unworthy, the two Elder Gods left them to their own devices. They all gathered on the battlefield to take the war to the Dyanari, and reclaim their homeland. It was a bloody and gruesome war in which their were few survivors. However, their campaign was successful, the Dyanari withdrew their forces and left Eden Prime.

Peace was brief however.. The spoils of war, greed and the opportunity to seize power corrupted the few remaining survivors, and eventually the races began to turn on each other once again. The humans, at a great disadvantage due to their lack of supernatural abilities, suffered tremendous loss as they were slaughtered in droves. The last of the humans merged into one tribe, the Bloodmaw, and ritualistically sacrificed their eyes to the Elder Gods so that they could no longer see the atrocities set upon them by war. Gilgaron and Permethium ignored their pleas.... However, their pleas did not go unheard. Awoken from slumber by the dead and dying, Eldirath, the Goddess of Death answered their calls for help. Taking pity on them, she returned onto them their tributes they had so desperately given, and with their return, she gave them the ability of TrueSight amongst others. Where once sat empty, bleeding crevices in their skulls, there were now their glowing eyes, each incandescent color representing a different ability. This gift came at a price, and they knew it.

They were given to them to exact their revenge on the other races who had so callously thrown them aside in the time of war, and then killed their friends and families in their wanton need for power after. The Bloodmaw set about laying waste to all who had a hand in their genocide. But then, when the Last War was at a tipping point, and the Bloodmaw were seemingly about to win, they simply vanished from existence in the midst of battle. Unable to find them, the Goddess Eldirath became infuriated that someone had taken her wardens of death, and with the power garnered from all the lives lost during this Purge, cursed everyone that remained, making them unable to bare children. Slowly, they began to die out, and once the last of them perished, Eldirath went dormant.




Three mysterious silhouettes sit together on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the moon, seemingly larger than normal in it's position over the horizon. You can hear the sounds of the waves lapping at the beach, the soft thuds of the parasaur's pads meeting the sand, and the soft hum of some kind of energy you don't recognize.

Stranger 1:
"You feel that, right?"

Stranger 2:
"Yes, it won't be long now..."

Stranger 3:
*grunts in agreement*