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Server IP
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Version 1.14.4
Typ Survival Economy pvp PvE pve Land Claim Claims AntiGrief Custom Ranks Dungeons
United Kingdom
Letztes Update03 Oct 2019
Beitrittsdatum18 Sep 2019
Einmalige Votes1


About The Server
This is mainly a survival server, and you can also buy and sell items to gain currency, level up skills, and gain money and xp from joining jobs, you can also store xp in a xp bank, and claim your land to stop people taking your stuff. Voting is one of the main ways to get money in game, and it shows us that you are enjoying the server.

We are currenly holding a competition to see waht our survival spawn area will look like, as we like to involve the members of the server, to be able to choose what we do on the server, as we like to listen and take your advise onboard.

You can also join out Discord, for more updates, latest news, and what we are currently think about and doing on the server.

Change Logs
03 Oct 2019

We are hosting a build comp to determine what our new survival spawn area will look like. If you fancy entering, just join and do /warp competitions. The closing date is 31/10/2019, andyone is welcome.