Atlantiss - Full Blizzlike Cataclysm Server 4.3.4


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Version Cataclysm 4.3.4
Typ Blizzlike No Donor No Lag No Custom
United States
Letztes Update20 Apr 2016
Beitrittsdatum01 Jul 2013

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Atlantiss - 4.3.4 Blizzlike 1x
I'd like to present you Atlantiss - Cataclysm 4.3.4 Realm. 
Our aim is to provide players with as much blizzlike content as possible. 
We put lots of effort to script things like npcs talking with each other, typical mobs casting spells and 
even quests with cutscenes, phasing or terrain swap (You can see and Uldum example here:
We think that those little details really matter and make our realm different from others and more similar to what you can see on Blizzard servers.
Server details:
Quest Experience: 1x
Mob Experience: 1x
Exploration Experience: 1x
Money gain: 1x
Reputation gain: 1x
Professions: 1x
Revamped Classic Dungeons:
- Shadowfang Keep normal
- Deadmines normal
Cataclysm Dungeons:
- All Pre 4.3.4 norm/hc duneons Open!
- Zul'aman HC open!
- Bastion of Twilight HC/Norm Open!
- Blackwing Descent HC/Norm Open!
- Throne of the Four Winds HC/Norm Open!
- Isle of Conquest
- Wintergrasp
- Battle for Gilneas
- Twin Peaks
- Tol Barad
Cataclysm Leveling Zones:
- Mount Hyjal
- Deepholm
- Uldum
- Archaeology
- Override Casting System
- Pet System
- Terrain Swap with own Phasing system
- Transports
- MoveMaps
- Guild System
- Calendar
- Currency
- Mastery
- Rated Battlegrounds
- Dynamic Vmaps
- Worgen and Goblin starting zones
- Quest Discovering / Finishing with new blizzard quest system
- Holy Power / Eclipse bars
- Loremaster of Outland
- Loremaster of Northrend
- About 4000 revisions (11500 commits)
- Over 5000 bugtracker issues closed
Youtube Playlist:
Registration page: