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Typ 5x PVE PVP Active Admin Better loot Anti Cheat Backpacks No Blueprints Custom Maps Weekly Wipes
Ort United States
Letztes Update06 Oct 2023
Beitrittsdatum06 Jun 2023


This server is a PvP focused server with custom maps. It has a weekly wipe schedule with normal decay and 5x gather and spawn rates and better loot tables. It is designed to get on your feet within hours and engage with players and harder npc everywhere. It is very forgiving to encourage more PvP.

 Server feature list: 
 -5x Gathering/Smelting/Crafting/Recycling Rates
 -Max team size of 4
 -Increased and Improved loot tables
 -Custom map focused for good PvP interactions
 -Improved NPC at most monuments and events!
 -Restricted Removal Tool
 -Skip night voting
 -Private messages
 -Increased Stack Sizes
 -4 seater minis with storage and lights spawn on roads.
 -Server Shop(kits, test generators, removal tool, dlc items).
 -Reward Points (gained from playtime/kills/gathering/completing events)
 -PvP Events include added bradleys/Space/Sputnik/Defendable homes/Armored Train.
 -NPC Raidable Bases (5 different levels of difficulty).
 -Wather bases
 -Normal Decay.
 -Storage sort button
 -Cooking 2.0
 -VIP packages (for access to Skinbox, Sign Artist, building skins and increased server rewards)

 Some of the server rules: 
 -No cheating or associating with cheaters 
 -No racism/homophobic chat/VC
 -Active admins who don't play the game and enforce rules.