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Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Typ Airdrop Backpacks Custom Maps Custom Monuments Kits vanilla loot Biweekly Wipes PVE
Letztes Update12 Feb 2022
Beitrittsdatum27 Nov 2021


Welcome to Rusty Survival Uk Pve / Pvp 3 monthly wipe server!

A Pve Pvp Survival Server
Custom 6k maps with custom and vanilla monuments every 3 months (blueprints wipe 6weekly)
FREE Vip Midcore membership for 30 hours minimum played on our servers & Higher tier paid for Vip memberships.
Custom bradley's at monuments and various roads.
Various events around the map for added loot & action like HeliRefuel, HeliTiers, MeteorEvent, PlaneCrash, And much more!.
Custom loot tables for a more even playing field.
Furnace Levels.
Tank Arena. Pvp style Arena for tanks so you can fight against other players in your own tanks.
FootBall Arena with scoreboard and rewards system.
Economy/RP system for buying and selling via the in-game shop.
Start out kits that include weapons/clothing/ammo and food plus other kits on /kits to choose from.
Custom Npc Bosses
Custom Bradley Tanks & Patrol helicopters
Furnace Splitter.
Helicopter hover.
Custom NPC kits.
Personal Recycler
Server rewards & Rust rewards.
Custom stack sizes.
In-game Trivia quiz with good prizes.
Vehicle Licence.
Voter - Vote for our servers daily to get supply drops, Resources and RP every day!
Plus much more!
Friendly Admins on to answer any questions
discord :
website :