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Typ Noob Friendly no kos Monthly Wipe Custom Map Active Admin Friendly Community Friendly No Decay Unique
Ort United States
Letztes Update06 Oct 2023
Beitrittsdatum01 Sep 2021


This server is focusses on bridging the two most opposite communities, Role players and Raiders. This is made possible by a unique mod allowing teams to enable raiding when they want to, once raidable they cannot go back to a non-raider until wipe. Non-raiders are protected from raiders until toggled but they cannot stockpile boom of any kind in boxes. This server follows a monthly map wipe schedule and bi-monthly BP wipe. There are PvP zones around most monuments and PvP events so you do not have to worry about being KOS and can farm in peace. We are a no grief server so raiders enjoy raiding each other without cleaning out bases, taking over bases or being overly toxic. Enjoy custom maps made specifically for this server with changing mods and layouts so you can always have something new to explore, custom maps are made using procedural vanilla spawn rates so no need to worry about broken ore spawns!
Feature list bellow:
PvP Zones (All areas with PvP domes and active Raid zones)
Vanilla Gathering/spawning rates and loot tables
No Decay or upkeep.
Raiding is optional! Each player/team can choose to raid or not (When one player opts into raiding, the whole team is opted in until the end of wipe).
5x Increased stack sizes for farming items and 2x for meds.
Backpacks for purchase in game with RP or VIP.
4 seater minis with storage and lights spawn on roads.
Deployable Nature (decorate your base with trees and bushes!).
Water Bases (floating foundations on the water, the water isn't the limit).
Clans with optional automatic authorization for turrets/locks/ect.
Server Rewards(kits, seasonal décor items, test generators).
Reward Points (gained from playtime/kills/gathering/completing events)
Roaming bradley on the main road.
Sputnik event (Satellites falling from the sky).
Space mod (atmosphere, spaceships, ISS event)
Raidable Bases (5 different difficulties).
Cooking 2.0.
VIP packages (for access to Skinbox, Adobe, Sign Artist, and increased server rewards)