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Server IP
Status Online
Aktuelle KarteEden Falls 210218
Letzter Ping26 minutes 56 seconds ago
Typ 10x Gather Kits PVP Modded Custom Plugins Active Admins DynamicCupShare No Decay Zlevels Noob Friendly
United States
Letztes Update22 Feb 2020
Beitrittsdatum04 Sep 2019


Fyrefly||10x||PvP||Major and Custom Plug-ins||Free Skins

50-Slot Server || x10 Gather with ZLevels || Bi-Weekly Wipe


Server Details:
• x10 Gather with custom loot (ZLevels Remastered - RPG-like Leveling System)
• Free Skins (Use /skin in-game -- Over 8,000 to choose from!)
• Server is powered by an Intel i9 with dedicated threads.
o Located in Los Angeles, California!
• We've recently allowed ladder raiding again and removed both the raiding limit and raiding party size limit in an aim to be more like the usual vanilla server but with Quality of Life plug-ins that will ensure you NEVER look back. We're not "breaking the game," we're making it what it's meant to be.

Major Plug-ins:
• OldSchoolTurrets - (Custom Plug-in) Allows you to power SAM sites and auto-turrets by smacking it with your hammer.
• ClansReborn
• DynamicToolCupboard
• AlphaLoot (custom loot tables)
• Skins (over 8,000 of them, free for all players. Use /skin in-game.)
• ShopGUI (Big aspect of this server. Well balanced to prevent exploits but provides a huge convenience in terms of both construction and raiding for all players.)
• Homes
• BGrade
• BuildingGrades
• SecurityCameras (Donor Perk)
• AdvancedAirstrikes
• Sign Artist (Donor Perk)
• Kits
• Backpacks (even a small one for non-donors)
• Portable Vehicles (Yes, even a car.)
• Portable Recycling (Donor Perk)
& many more plug-ins!

This server has very active staff members to ensure there is no cheating, exploiting, or game-breaking bugs. We constantly monitor the server uptime, packet loss, incoming traffic and player communications. Our Development Team works close together to work on plug-ins, fix bugs and to make the players happy with their gameplay as much as possible.

Donations are welcomed, we have four tiers of donator packages. Certainly not expected or required for you to donate, all proceeds go towards our bill and custom plug-ins to bring to the server. We are not a pay to win server. You get conveniences for supporting the server but nothing that would detriment the player-base.
Contact Fitzy, Acidics or Irish for help in-game. Utilize our /help and /info plug-ins for more information regarding contact methods, plug-ins, rules, and specific server information.

Our Discord Server contains a list of all available plug-in commands, also, and will keep you informed regarding updates, plug-in fixes, new plug-ins, and/or if someone has been banned. Join our Discord and we will move you to your rank in-game. Please, change your Discord name to your in-game name for simplicity and to avoid confusion.


We're constantly improving the server, seeking to be not just another modded Rust server but the best modded Rust server. Come see what that looks like. ;)

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