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Discord Discord
Version Osrs
Typ Eco Server Economy Pvp Anti Scam Gambling Gambling
Ort United States
Letztes Update05 Jun 2022
Beitrittsdatum05 Jun 2022


 • An active community, along with a balanced economy as well as an active wilderness!
• That real OSRS feeling from every aspect as far as combat and skilling, everything tested and working properly
• The newest OSRS content, along with constant updates to ensure we have the latest content almost as soon as it's released!
• All of the OSRS Wilderness bosses including some global World Bosses for you to encounter solo or with friends!
• Every skill fully functioning and working properly!
• A very smooth exchange system for you to buy & sell your items among other players.
• A great and friendly team of staff members that have been together as a team since the beginning!
• Revenant caves, and loads of Wilderness content!
• Fully functioning Raids and other mini-games such as inferno!
• A unique achievement system granting you great rewards in-game, also Wilderness achievements for that high risk high reward!