Ragnarok Valkyrie

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Rang307 Random Server
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Version Pre Renewal Classic
Typ Low Rate Trans Class Active GMs Balanced International Storyline WoE Friendly GMs PVP PK
Letztes Update03 Nov 2020
Beitrittsdatum03 Nov 2020


Basic Server Settings
PC and Mobile Platform "Android / iOS"
Single Client Only
Now on Episode 10.1 - Einbroch
Rebirth Class Available
Rates : x5 / x5 / x1 | Happy Hour : 10x / 10x / 3x
Card Rates: 0.1% | Happy Hour : 0.3%
MVP Drop Rates: 1.0x
No Dual, No autotrade
No Lag, No Bot, No Disconnection
No HE BBG and HE Manual
No Buns and Pills
No Mail and Bank Window
No God Items
No Overpowered Items / Equipments
No Customized Equipment
No Advanced Costumes
MVP Card Disabled on WOE Only!
Mini Boss Card Disabled on WOE Only!
Friendly Active GMs!
Classic 2004~2008 game experience
Classic Job Change Quest
No Healer, No Buffer, No Warper.
Advanced DDOS Protection
Gepard Protection 3.0

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