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Rang233 Random Server
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Version Pre Renewal
Typ 2nd Job Battlegrounds Classic Mid Rate Newbie Friendly WoE
Letztes Update14 May 2020
Beitrittsdatum22 Apr 2020


Welcome to Mjolnir Ragnarok Online

This is a Permanent Pre Renewal Server (99/70)
We have complete Balanced Equips and donations.
Farming, Hunting, is the main priority of our server, No Pay2Win.
24x7 Battlegrounds for best pvp/woe gears.
Lottery Npc for exchanging your Battlegrounds badges in return of amazing rewards. Hourly Rewards.
Every MVP killed will gain you with a reward of 1m random zeny ticket.
Woe treasure boxes with better rewards and guild packages.
We respect your efforts and time given by the members for our server, so our server will never be wiped, shut down or face any kind of corruption.
We the GM TEAM of Mjolnir, request you to come and join us and enjoy the game with the same old memories of nostalgic Ragnarok days.

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