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Rang200 Random Server
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Version Renewal
Typ 3rd Job Active GMs High Rate Old School Newbie Friendly Casual Botting Allowed Custom NPC
Letztes Update15 Mar 2020
Beitrittsdatum14 Mar 2020


Hi, this is a casual server for old school players who just went to have casual game. The server is free to play with upcoming customization soon.

Some added customized NPCs to assist in upgrading jobs and warper NPC.

To make things fun, we increase the exp rates but not too much on item drop rates so to make the game more fun and challenging:

Exp rates: 50x

Drop rates: 30x

Boss drops: 15x

Botting is not restricted. We also value party games and players coming together to raid boss.

Due to the server being newly established, all players starting can enjoy the peace and new environment without many users.