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Version 97D Season 6 Ep 3 World Unique 97D 97d
Typ 130x World Unique Server Balanced PVP Season Events 97D PVP GamePlay
United Kingdom
Letztes Update16 May 2020
Beitrittsdatum16 May 2020


MuPhoenix Xenoverse is the World First MuOnline server that delivers a 0.97D Version based on a Season 6 ep 3.

This server has been created with the intention of being the best 0.97D of the entire planet.


Let me explain to you why.


As you know, the 0.97x version is more than 10 Years old. Its graphics, fluidity, and fun to play are all limited by the age and maturity of the game at that time.

Although, you cannot deny the fact that the 0.97 versions were way more intuitive when creating and crafting your characters because there aren't as many things to keep in considerations when calculating statistics as with the new seasons.

We removed all the things that make building your character very difficult such as:


- Tree Skills

- SD Mechanic

- Sockets

- 380 OPT


All the above are very nice and interesting but having all of those variations to consider while crafting your character might be difficult and very time consuming (many months and hundreds of different tries)

For this reason, the 0.97 versions are still today the best for who wants a Mu that it's relatively easy to craft a character and concentrate in amazing PvP.

We wanted the best of Both Worlds, Amazing PvP, and Amazing Season Events. That's why we created MuPhoenix!


Many players have already converted to our new and Unique version, they are all very satisfied! 


See you soon!

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