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Mu9999 S17P2

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Version S17
Typ X9999 MAX FREE Wcoins
Letztes Update01 Sep 2022
Beitrittsdatum22 Aug 2022


Mu9999 S17P2

Mu9999 MU Online Season 17 Part 2-2 ELF Renewal- Free Wcoins

Max Style X99999 Server
Free starting items for all players

*Lucky Set lvl2 +15 /startergift
*Soul Weapon +10%EDR (in inventory)
*New Pet Shining Tail /shiningtail

Pets gift: Type /buffme to gets Pandas/Skeletons/Deamon/Guardian Angel
Free zen: Type /getzen and you will get 250kk zen in your inventory

Free Xshop: Each level player gains, gives one Wcoin, shop (press X ingame) has Wings, Jewels, FO weapons

Mu Online Season 17 Episode 2 Custom Mu9999
Experience rate for Regular/Master/Majestic: X9999
Points per level: 10, 5ML, 5Majestic per level
Reset: From 400lvl, Stats stays, command /reset
Reset costs: FREE
Reset reward on the website: 20Wcoins
Maximum level 400+1050 master

Custom RESET BUFF, more resets, more power!
0-100 Resets: No Buff
101-250 Resets: 10% Damage and defence and HP buff
251-500 Resets: 15% Damage and defence and HP buff
501-750 Resets: 20% Damage and defence and HP buff
751-1000 Resets: 25% Damage and defence and HP buff