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Webseite unsleepmu.ru
Discord Discord
Version S6
Typ 5000x 1000x
Ort Russia
Letztes Update08 Jul 2022
Beitrittsdatum08 Feb 2022


Server Features: Global Update Part 18

New bosses, events (changes in drops and rewards from bosses)

New quiz system.

New event - Olympics. Dueling system by ranks and classes.

New sets, new maps and farm zones, changed spots.

New wheel of fortune event.

New PVE event Zyro Quest.

New rank system.

New unique Imperial Guardian event for 7 days, with new rewards.

Reworked unique rewards for current events.

Semi-automatic event system from GMs. (Hide and Seek, Run Away, Russian Roulette, King of the Hill, Quick Event)

Introduction to the game of new wings of level 5 and crafting parts for them.

Reset and grand reset buttons with a description of the requirements.

The ability to run on mounts in the safe zone.

Unique glow of things, new effects of models, sets and weapons.

Custom colored item titles.

Custom NPC collector.

Exchange in-game currency system.

Reward for killing PC players.

MUUN pets with the ability to select items using commands (more information will be in the knowledge base)

Reconfiguring some classes to update their PVP component.

Reworked current events on the server.

And much more....