ErebosMU S17 Part2

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Version Season 17
Typ 30x x50 No Reset Non Reset
Letztes Update10 Oct 2022
Beitrittsdatum15 Sep 2021


ErebosMU S17 Part2

🔰 No-Reset Season 17 Part 2 - Grand Opening 14/10/2022 🔰


📌 18:30 (UTC+1) Poland, Czech
📌 14:30 (UTC-3) Brasil, Argentina
📌 23:30 (UTC+7) Vietnam
📌 0:30 (UTC+8) Philippines

🦧 Monsters will spawn 10 minutes after Grand Opening

📝 Registration will be opened one day before Grand Opening


🎁 Starter Pack:
Every player will recieve Seals, Buffs, Skeleton Pet & Ring for 3 days. Need use command /starterpack


ErebosMU has been on the scene since 2018. After a long break, it came back into the players' consciousness in the autumn of 2021. We want to make the server mainly for players, so you can find an x-shop with very friendly prices here, which helps our server make Play-2-Win. You will definitely not be bored on our server, because you can go on events and custom invasion. If you like PvP, we have for you Castle Siege, Arca War and PvP Bosses.


🎀 Main Information:
Season 17 Part 2 Non-reset
Normal Exp - 150x - 50x (Dynamic)
Master Exp - 60x - 10x (Dynamic)
Majestic Exp - 80x - 20x (Dynamic)
Drop rate - 25%
Max acc per IP - 10 (Event - 3)
Off-level - 24 hours (VIP Unlimited)
Monster per Spot - 7 (Hotspot - 9)
Bosses respawn from 6 to 24 hours


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