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Webseite Webseite
Version Season 16 Part 2
Typ x150
Letztes Update11 Nov 2021
Beitrittsdatum24 May 2021


Dear Friends!

On November 16, at 18:00 by server time (GMT + 2), we are launching a new MuO Server: Season16 Part2. We exclusively use official server platforms. Full implementation of all game mechanics, quests and skills as the developers intended. For our part, we are only making small changes to make the game more comfortable and accessible for most players.

WarFare x150 is an unique rate for this game. It gives you the ability to play with the class you really want to play. Each classes are balanced. We also provide a guarantee that this server for a long tearm and will work until the last player.

Server will be launched on the current update Season 16 Part 2, which adds an update – Renewal Magic Gladiator class with new skills and abilities, as well as new weapons, sets and systems. You will have access to a new class of the 16th Season - Gun Crusher and a new pet level - Lion.

We have kept the original look of the game. Only minor changes have been made in order to create a more balanced environment for more players. Thereby increased rates, you will no have time to get bored of pumping, and gradual introduction of content will not allow you to create an excessive gap between the players:

  • Experience rate – x150 - x100;
  • Drop rate – х50;
  • Max 3 play windows per 1 PC;
  • W Coins mining – Resets / Vote / Donate;
  • Ruud mining – Game events and Bosses;
  • Offleveling system by command /offlevel;
  • OffTrade for WCoins by command /offtrade;
  • Premium account – 3 days for free from start!

For each reset you get additional stats and regular rewards in W Coins. Reset command active only in web web account panel.

Reset conditions:
Reset Level – 400
Keeps Items – Yes
Keep Master Level – Yes
Stats - 500 / Burns
Resets Limits – No
Reward 15 W Coins

50 resets you can change to W Coins and Extra Stats.

Grand Reset conditions:
Required Resets - 50
Keeps Items - Yes
Keep Master Level - Yes
Grand Reset Stats - 15000
Maximum Grand Resets - 10
Reward - 1000 W Coins

WarFare opening is accompanied by various competitions. You can take part in some of them right now, some will delight you with generous rewards after the opening. 

[Facebook] Like and Share - fulfill simple conditions of the event and get 500 W Coins immediately after the server opens. Details here.

Start GIFT for all players – Free premium account for 3 days! More about Premium Account here.

Welcome to WarFare!