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Version Season 16 part2
Typ x100
Letztes Update21 Oct 2021
Beitrittsdatum05 Apr 2021


We are glad to inform everyone - FrostMu x100 moving to Season 16 Part 2 at October, 5!

Opening times:

UTC +2, 17.00 - Poland
UTC +8, 23.00 - Philippines
UTC -3, 12.00 - Argentina
(Check countdown in website header!)

In the new version, you will find an updated Magic Gladiator with the latest skills and features:

New Skills: Chaos Blade, Ice Blood, Fire Blood, Havok Spear;
New Buffs: Spiral Charge, Crusher Charge, Elemental Charge;

From this moment Magic Gladiator is on a par with the strongest warriors on the continent. Also, note the following Season 16 Part 2 features:

New Map: Gray Aida;
Magic Gladiator Awakening;
Renewed Jewelry of Harmony;
GunСrasher new items and Buff added;
Arnil Temple and Gray Aida Elite Zone;
3rd Guardian pets;
Vehicle Item & Disassembly Function Improvement;
New Ranking system with icons.

» Reset system:
Reset from 400 level in game with command: /reset
Stats burns / Free stats: 500
Obtaining Reset Rewards from website (Account Panel - Reset Rewards)

7 Resets: Red Fenrir
21 Resets: 50k Ruud Box
71 Resets: Seal of Ghost Horse
141 Resets: Expansion Slot of Radiance
211 Resets: Seal of Ice Dragon
251 Resets: Conqueror's Badge

» Server Information:
Version: Season 16 Part 2
Type: Reset Server
Experience: x100 (Dynamic)
Drop rate: 50%
Drop Ruud: Events, Boss, Mini-Games
Offlevel: 12 Hours
Monsters Spots: In all Maps

» Dynamic experience:
0-6 Resets: x100
7-20 Resets: x90
21-70 Resets: x80
71-140 Resets: x70
141-210 Resets: x60
211-250 Resets: x50
251-300 Resets: x40

» Main Game Commands:
Global chat: /post
Add Stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
Decrease Stats: /decstr, /decagi, /decvit, /decene, /deccmd
Clear PK: /pkclear
OffTrade: /offtrade
OffLevel: /offlevel