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Typ Survival Semi Vanilla Player Ranks Jobs Quests Balanced Economy bank Rpg Land Claim Spawners
Ort Canada
Letztes Update09 Aug 2023
Beitrittsdatum09 Feb 2023


Welcome to SolaceMC!

If you're looking for an enhanced survival experience then you've found the right server! You'll never get bored on Solace as there is always something to do; if it's quests, jobs, mcmmo leveling, going through our ranking system, exploring custom terrain, villages, POI's, dungeons and much much more! Come on and check us out; you will not be disappointed!

One of the coolest things about Solace that most servers don't have is our Mob Net custom plugin which allows players to catch animals, mobs or entities inside of a net for easy transportation. Very handy when trying to bring villagers back to your home without having to explorer and run into issues when trying to keep them safe! Below are some of the coolest features on the server:

SolaceMC Server features:

  • Economy
  • Ranking System
  • Mob Nets
  • Jobs
  • Quests
  • McMMO
  • Menu GUI
  • Land Claim blocks
  • Custom enchants
  • Player shops
  • Server shop
  • Custom terrain overworld
  • Resource world
  • Bank
  • Spawner shops
  • Playtime rewards
  • Crates
  • Custom heads
  • PVP player heads
  • Player particles
  • dback (teleport to death location)

and so much more! Come visit us on the server, we're developing a very nice and relaxing community experience!

🌎 Server IP:

📖 Discord:

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