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Status Online
Letzter Ping7 minutes 56 seconds ago
Version 1.18.2
Typ zombatic
Ort Belgium
Letztes Update05 Jan 2023
Beitrittsdatum05 Jan 2023


Crystalactic is a new server with its own unique game Zombatic. (custom made plugin) you start in the town where you can trade/craft better gear and base structures to upgrade your base just the way you want. every night there will be zombie's attacking your base if you can kill them all before its day you go to the next night. every night it will get harder with more zombie's and more different zombie types, every zombie has its own unique thing that makes him special and difficult for you. so when you think you have a good base and when you think it is to easy a new difficulty appears so it will never get boring 😉 . how long can you survive in zombatic ?

• NO P2W !!! 
   you can get every rank/crate by just playing the game (NOT luck based)
• No shops, Player driven economy.
• Custom crafting system (200+ items)
   Custom Weapons / Armor's / Tools / Accessories / Stats / Items / And More!
• Custom made plugin for Zombatic!
• Open world/explore/base build/survive.
• 3 types of weapons and more to come.
• Explore areas and discover all it secrets, danger and treasure!
• Custom loot chests (models) all over the map.
•  Monthly updates and new content. 
•  We like to hear the community's feedback and ideas! ( good or bad 😉 ).
•  No mods needed. Just accept the resource pack when you connect! ( 200+ custom textures all vanilla style) 
•  The ability to suggest new items or updates using discord or our website or tell us about it in game!

Server is brand new and just released, That means only many more features to come!

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