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Letzter Ping11 minutes 1 second ago
Typ PvP Survival Pve Survival SMP Balanced Economy SilkTouchSpawners
Letztes Update27 Sep 2022
Beitrittsdatum19 Sep 2022


Hi! Are you looking for a chill Vanilla 1.19+ Minecraft server?

Consider joining the Twisted Realities SMP then :)

Server IP:


As of now, we are a small, but steadily growing community with amazing people in it. We'd be delighted to have you join us.

The server is mostly Vanilla with just the right amount of plugins to make it truly enjoyable.

-claim your builds to protect them from other players

-set up to 3 homes to freely explore the world without the fear of losing your home

-teleport to other players to have some fun and friendly interactions -

keepinv is enable in nether and end dimension

-ingame shop to get all possible building materials and more!

-custom crates to win stuff

We also host fun monthly events on our server where you can win crate keys!

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