Paradise SMP

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Server IP
Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.19.2
Typ PvP Survival Economy Parkour
Ort India
Letztes Update10 Sep 2022
Beitrittsdatum02 Sep 2022


Paradise SMP is a Minecraft server made in India. Its an SMP server with land claims, teleporting, crates, PvP, jobs and more. Below is a basic stater guide you should read before playing on the server. It should answer any basic and general questions that you may have.

What Is Required Version For The Server:
• The Server Is Right Now Set On Version Is Only 1.19.2 For Survival

How To Register To The Server:
• You Can Just Type /register <your password> <confirm password> (Make Sure To Remember It).

How To Teleport In The Server:
• /tpask Is Use To Ask Someone To Tp You To Them.
• /tphere is Use To Teleport Someone To You.
• /tpaccept Is Use To Accept Someone Tp Request.
• /tpdeny Is Use To Deny Someone Tp Request.

How To Claim Land To Protect Your Property:
• Get a golden shovel. ...
• Hit the ground at your land claim with your golden shovel in your hand.
• Go to one of the corners of the area you want to expand and tap the corner block. Move to the block that you want to be your new corner and tap it with your golden shovel. If you have enough land claim, the corner should move. If you don’t, you will be given a message on how many more blocks you’ll need to expand to that spot.
• /abandonclaim Is Use To Unclaim Your Old Claims.
• /trust Is Use To Share The Access Of Your Claims.

How To Do Jobs In The Minecraft Server:
• Right Click On The Job Npc At The Spawn.
• Take Your Job You Want To Do.
• Do The Job You Selected And Earn The Balance.

How To Buy & Sell The Minecraft Items:
• Right Click On The Shop Npc At The Spawn.
• Search The Item You Want To Sell & Buy, Left Click To Buy The Items & Right Click To Sell The Items.

The Information About Minecraft Ranks:
• The Owner Rank Is Only For @I. M. NOOB | 100k OP.
• The Admin Rank Is For Our Minecraft Server Developer And Discord Server Admins.
• The Moderator Aka Helper Is For Our Minecraft Server Moderators And Discord Server Moderators.
• The Youtuber Rank Is For Youtubers With More Than 1k+.

How To Report Someone Hacker Or Scammer:
You Can Just Contact Our Discord Server Staff To Report These Hackers And Scammer With Proof So We Can Take Immediate Actions Against Them.
• Cheating With Result In A Permenant Ban From The Server.
• No Xray Usage.

The Official Server Ip Address is:
🔗 Java -
Pocket/Bedrock -
Port - 25572