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Webseite dirtydoggaming.co.za
Discord Discord
Status Online
Letzter Ping24 minutes 17 seconds ago
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Typ Vanilla Survival Bed Wars Java Bedrock Minigames Hunger Games Multiplayer Survival Jobs Quests Parkour
Ort South Africa
Letztes Update23 Mar 2022
Beitrittsdatum23 Mar 2022


Are you looking for unique Minecraft server experience? At Dirty Dog Gaming we don't want to be like everyone else, we are doing our best to add as much custom content as possible without ruining the vanilla survival game-play! Don't take my word for it, come have a look for yourself

We are currently hosting the following gamemodes:
** Survival (With awesome plugins)
→ All the usual.. Economy, Land Claims, Server Shop, Player Shops, Voting Rewards
→ Custom Ores, Tools, Weapons, Armor
→ DynMap
→ Wireless Hoppers
→ Quests & Jobs
→ Immersive Fishing & Mining experience
→ Custom Enchants
→ Death Chests spawn in the graveyard
→ And so much more...

** Vanilla
→ For players looking for a more authentic minecraft experience
→ Vanilla MC, with Land Claims, Voting Rewards, and some minor quality of life tweaks
Full Cross-Play compatibility

** BedWars
→ 1.8 Combat
Full Cross-Play compatibility

** Endless Automatically Changing Parkour
→ A fun and challenging infinite parkour that generates in front of you as you go
Full Cross-Play compatibility

** Mini Games
Full Cross-Play compatibility
► Quake
► Prophunt
► Splegg
► TnT Tag
► Block Party
► Mini Walls (1.8 Combat)
► Survival Games (1.8 Combat)
► And more.....

Why are you still reading? Join now and let us become your new favorite server!

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