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Version 1.18.1
Typ Towny ChestShop Cannons Custom Enchants Economy Jobs MCMMO SilkTouchSpawners Auction Gui Shop
United States
Letztes Update21 Feb 2022
Beitrittsdatum16 Feb 2022


Neon Gaming is a humble, growing, and friendly community of Towny players. We offer a wide-range of plugins that will make your Minecraft experience enjoyable, and a community that will make you keep wanting to come back. Whether you like to start a business with our ChestShop plugin and grow it into a monopoly. Start a town and protect your epic build creation (most of the harder resources to collect can be found for fair prices on the server's GUI shop), or maybe even lead your nation to grow into an empire: destroying your enemies with cannons and some of the hundreds of custom enchantments available to you! Level up your skills in MCMMO, and minimize the grind for XP by silktouching spawners and making epic mob farms. The options are endless! Don't just be a gamer, be a Neon Gamer!

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