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Webseite Webseite
Discord Discord
Server IP
Status Online
Letzter Ping31 minutes 50 seconds ago
Version 1.18.1
Typ SMP Custom Items Ddos Protection Balanced Economy Achievements Custom Plugins
United States
Letztes Update18 Jan 2022
Beitrittsdatum18 Jan 2022


Welcome to Runecraft.
We are a 1.18.1, we are an economy SMP server.

  • We are a tight knit community that has been around for about two years now.
  • We are welcoming, the server is easy going and there is a lot of room for new players!
  • We have bi-monthly crates, donation crates, and items that are all exclusive to Runecraft.
  • With the constant maintenance on the server, we will always have the most up to date features.
  • Anything you can buy, can also be easily obtained through playing on the server.
  • We are always looking for new staff members that are willing to accept the challenge!
  • We have Custom items that have been developed by us, and us alone. 
  • We have our own experienced development team, with a lag proof/DDOS protected host.
  • We offer one of the best communities around with weekly updates.
  • Commands are very simple and quality of life is amazing here!

This server has been anticipated for nearly a YEAR, and I am proud to bring it to you!

So check us out at:

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