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Version 1.16.5
Typ Earth Movecraft Brewery Cannons Economy Factions Hard Political Whitelist Roleplay
United States
Letztes Update11 Jan 2022
Beitrittsdatum11 Jan 2022


Total War: Age of Blood allows players to become part of their favorite nations throughout history (or make new ones) in a struggle to become the most powerful in the world. This vision is aided by plugins such as Movecraft (planes that fly and ships that sail), Civs (a town plugin with a wide range of government options and a progression tree), and Runecraft (build magical symbols that warp reality).

Putting the E back in PvE

Age of Blood features a uniquely dangerous environment to challenge players in the early game. Food is a lot harder to come by, the weather can become dangerous (flash floods, tornadoes, meteor showers, etc.), and sometimes players will run into very powerful boss monsters.

Making PvP Fresh

PvP is an important part of any factions server, and Age of Blood has gone to great lengths to make sure to give the players a wide variety of options for killing each other. There are options on the realistic side like using Movecraft vehicles and Cannons for land, sea, and air attacks, and there are options for the more... eccentric players such as opening up temporary holes to the void, turning off gravity in an area, channeling lightning to strike enemies, etc.

Rewarding Progression & Learning

The plugins that lead to the complex and intense combat situations on Age of Blood require some learning and resources to obtain. This results in an arms race with an evolving meta as players learn how each plugin can be used to maximum effect and how plugins interact with each other.


Age of Blood was developed by an economics graduate, so it uses both supply-side and demand-side economic theory to encourage trade and fighting. Food and ores are distributed across the world in a way that encourages specialization and prevents people from getting every resource without interacting with other players. There will also be a high demand for resources to fund the progression of towns, the building of ships, the enchanting of gear, and the creation of runes.

Come Play!

To be whitelisted to the server, join the discord and put your IGN in #whitelist. You will be notified when you have been added.

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