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Status Online
Letzter Ping27 minutes 37 seconds ago
Version 1.18.x
Typ AntiGrief Auction Balanced Economy Survival Towny
United States
Letztes Update18 Apr 2022
Beitrittsdatum07 Jan 2022


MineDays is a 1.18.2 Non-Profit Towny Survival, Factions, and Minigames Network built around the idea of giving players what they want when they want it.
The server is free to play and it will always be like that. We are looking for a friendly playerbase and Staff on all of our servers.

Current gamemodes we have are:
Towny Survival: which adds towns and jobs for each town in order to grow your town into a nation.
Factions: Which is a war based gamemode where you battle other factions for territory.
Minigames: Adds a bunch of small minigame style gamemodes into the server.

Minigame addons include:

  - Mob arenas: Where players battle the undead in order to survive. 
  - TNT Run: Which adds TNT based spleef where players run around trying to not fall in order to win.
  - Parkour: Which adds many different Parkour maps for players to try to beat.
 Coming Soon! - BedWars: A bed style free for all/teams gamemode where players protect their beds from being destroyed by other players.
 Last team standing wins.

We are planning on adding in more gamemodes for players to play as well as new features. Feel free to join our discord server for any updates: https://discord.gg/wzDcY4pYYe

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