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Discord Discord
Server IP
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.17.1
Typ Multiplayer Survival Skills
United Kingdom
Letztes Update29 Oct 2021
Beitrittsdatum26 Oct 2021


Grypho is a brand new server where everyone is allowed! We have multiple plugins which make the server more fun for everyone.

Our goal is to provide a server where everyone can be themselves, have fun and where everyone feels like there is something to do!

Our server is quite unique, compared to other servers. The reason for this is because it caters to both beginners and Minecraft-veterans. A player who has played Minecraft for a long time might find the gameplay loop a bit boring. This is why we have decided to use a skill plugin. In our opinion, it leads to more enjoyable gameplay.

While it does that, it is also very easy to understand. This means that even beginners will find it enjoyable.

Some of the features we offer:

  • Skills: We have a lot of different skills that you can level up. Every level you level up, you get different perks or items!

  • Homes, teleportation, and warps.

  • Claims: Sp that no one can grief your base.

  • Optional PVP: you can disable or enable it at any time using the command /pvp.

  • Graves: to be easier to retrieve your items, the items will be placed in a chest when you die.





Location: Hosted in Europe (Sweden)