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Webseite Webseite
Server IP
Status Online
Letzter Ping8 minutes 48 seconds ago
Version Latest 1.17.1
Typ Economy Survival PvE Pve Survival Kits Land Claim Player Shops ChestShop Shops Shop
United States
Letztes Update19 Jul 2021
Beitrittsdatum19 Jul 2021


WeezCraft is a newly created, friendly player based economy survival server. Our focus is to bring the community together for an enjoyable experience while using teamwork to build up a one-of-a-kind server. Some things that come with the server are free to use XP Farms, as well as simple to use chunk claiming so you can easily keep your property and valuables safe. Join us today to experience a community of players dedicated to creating a fun experience for all to enjoy. We are currently hiring staff! Make sure to send in applications for your chance to help run the community!

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