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Status Online
Letzter Ping6 minutes 3 seconds ago
Version 1.17
Typ Survival Minigames Bed Wars Guilds Dungeons Cracked Arcade Kit PvP Top
Letztes Update28 Nov 2021
Beitrittsdatum10 Jul 2021


Hello reader,
Here is some information on MoG Network,
Its a public server where all players can play at one place and enjoy. This server has gamemodes that a perfect servers needs like: Survival, Bedwars, Duels, KitPVP, PartyPVP, Minigames, SkyBlock(soon), Prison, Squid Game and many more that you can play in our server. We also have our server cosmetics that gives you special look.

This Indian server was created only for you guys. Some players have ping issues so thats why this server is hosted in India to offer you the lowest ping possible.
We also host tons of in game contests and events which motivates players to grind and be the best player amongst all.
MoG Network always keeps a better player experience a priority. We have an amazing team of staff working 24/7 to provide the best experience to our players at all times.

Quick Guide:

➤ Custom world
➤ Shop 
➤ Sethome/tp 
➤ Claims
➤ Network cosmetics
➤ Network leveling
➤ Guild wars

➤ 1.8 and 1.17 pvp with new maps
➤ Solo, Duo, Trio, Quadro


➤ Mlgrush
➤ The Bridge
➤ Combo
➤ 1v1 and 2v2


➤ 1V1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4


➤ BlockParty
➤ Bomblobbers
➤ PartyGames
➤ Temple Run
➤ MiniWalls
➤ TNT Run


➤ Minions
➤ Mine
➤ Dungeons
➤ Bosses

Squid Game

➤ Red light Green light

➸ So what are you waiting for, join our Minecraft server now and have a lot of fun.
➸ Versions 1.8-1.17+ and latest version for bedrock
➸ We are updating the server day by day and bringing up the best thing we can top keep you attached to our server.
➸ For full information on paid ranks or if you have any doubt related to the server then join our discord server.
➸ Site: 


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