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Status Online
Letzter Ping16 minutes 10 seconds ago
Version 1.17
Typ Fun dog cat horses animals Survival MCMMO
Letztes Update27 Nov 2021
Beitrittsdatum20 Apr 2021


Fauna City is an English-speaking, animal-based survival server. We have a few role play opportunities, such as taking your pet to the vet and going shopping in the City!
We focus on educating about animals through fun minigames, such as trivia and Charades on the Discord!

Our Discord also has giveaways scattered throughout the month! At Spawn is a giveaway area to enter other giveaways when they are available!

We are striving to make this server fun for all while staying true to our focus on animals!

There are a wide variety of competitions you can enter with your animals, such as Agility, Scent Trials, Conformation, Show Jumping, Dressage, Clover Barrels, and more!

We no longer offer lessons at the start, but you can ask Staff for a lesson! You can now explore the world right from the start as a new Seedling! As this is a survival server, you can collect resources and build as well as care for your lovely animals! You can tame wild animals or buy animals from some of our many shops!

Interested in joining? Hop on today and soon you will be able to do a variety of things: Mining, Farming, Building, Competing, and more!

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