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Server IP
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.4
Typ Survival Guns Crazy Enchants Fly Cracked Skyblock Vanilla Anarchy
Letztes Update22 Jul 2021
Beitrittsdatum08 Mar 2021


Introducing Qualityarmor where players can download a resource pack via command /Qualityarmor getresourcepack and then ope up the shop to a bounty of guns, rifle,grenades.landmines etc. Great for playing army with friends or just grabbing a rifle to go sports hunting. There is a casino with great rewards and payouts along with a chance to win a variety of fly potions and rare items. We have Super ranked Kits along with crazy enchanted items. Its greif protection and economy vault. All new players start with these rank commands /ec (enderchest) and /pv 1 (a players vault) and /dispose (trash) did I menion /Qualityarmor shop....time to hunt the right way.

 This is Now a Lag Free unique server, with the the ability to allow a resource pack to load then through the /Qualityarmor command, be accepted for a gun shop experience of a lifetime. Or, ignore the guns all together, and enjoy this server with some friends, with the options to win fly potions, vote keys, rare items, and Super Customized suits and armor, not to mention outstandingly over enchanted weapons. Enjoy Free Rank Giveaways with Super Enchants in OP_Survival or Just relax in a Vanilla setting or get your Flight on in a New and Improved Skyblock with many perks.