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Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.5 1.8.9 Latest
Typ Factions Survival Kit PvP Duels Custom Enchants Potpvp Custom Plugins Events Mature Staff Need Staff
United States
Letztes Update06 Aug 2021
Beitrittsdatum27 Feb 2021


JUST RELEASED JULY 23, Custom World Generation, Custom Enchants, Custom Mobs Survival Server. Unique NON PAY-2-WIN CE Factions Server with 1.16 Concrete Cannons. 1.8 Kit-Pvp Server with NoDebuff main kit and also Custom Enchants mode!


Survival Features

  • Custom Plugins!

  • Multiple Custom Generated Worlds to Explore!

  • Custom Mobs, Dragons, Giraffes, Turtles and More!

  • Custom Bosses!

  • Duels Minigame on Survival!

  • Auction House!

  • Player Warps and Player Shops!

  • Gui Shop!

  • Fun Vote Parties (Pinata Party)

  • Tags and Cosmetics!


Factions Features NON PAY-2-WIN

  • Custom Plugins!

  • Weekly F-Top Contest!

  • Faction Shields!

  • Scheduled Koths!

  • Custom Bosses!

  • Custom Warzone!

  • Itemspawners!

  • Duels!

  • Auction House + Gui Shop

  • Fun Vote Parties (Pinata Party)

  • Tags and Cosmetics!


KitPvp Features 1.8

  • NoDebuff Main Kit!

  • NON PAY-2-WIN!

  • Level System!

  • Kill Streaks!

  • Custom Enchants Mode!

  • Tags and Cosmetics!

  • Duels!