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Status Online
Letzter Ping24 minutes 19 seconds ago
Version 1.16.x
Typ Anarchy Skyblock
United States
Letztes Update06 Sep 2021
Beitrittsdatum30 Oct 2020


Scepter Network

MC Versions: Java and Pocket Edition (Windows10/Bedrock)


General Information


Scepter Network is a Minecraft Network. It is owned by Jay who goes by Jay Games on YouTube who has 1k+ current subscribers.


General Server Website:



- Skyblock

- Factions

- Survival

- Prisons

- Anarchy

- and more!


Note: some gamemodes and features might be limited by version


Minecraft Java Edition:

As we are on plenty of voting sites for MC Java, I have decided to use TopG as the main site for all the server information due to being able to use bold, underline and other features within the server description. and since there are so many websites for Minecraft Java to add your server to, I am not going to bother with setting up my domain to lead to these sites.

Vote 1:

Vote 2:

Vote 3:

Vote 4:

Vote 5: (THIS SITE)

Dear TopG, Sorry for advertising other vote sites. If this is a problem, please email be at [email protected] and I will be sure to remove links to other sites, however they lead directly to my server posted on other sites.



Version: 1.8.x-1.16.x

Recommended Version: 1.16.x

Minecraft Pocket Edition:





- Shop / Auction House
- Crates / Money Pouches
- Envoys / Lucky Blocks
- Private Vaults / Chunk Hoppers
- Masks / Minions
- Vanilla: Enchanting, Items & Features
- Vote Party / Custom Enchants
- Wands: Sell & Condense
- Stacked Items: Spawners, Island Levels.

- Land Claiming / McMMO
- Plenty More > Cool and Custom Features


Plugins: 99.8% private and custom
Ranks: We have 8 different ranks with cool perks to choose from
Up-time: 24/7
Staff/Developers: We have highly dedicated and experienced, nice/chill staff and development team. As much as we like to hang out, joke around we do enforce our set rules, which can be found in our Discord or on our Website
Events: We have fun and cool daily events
Custom Events: We might even have custom events sometimes made up by the Owner himself for a YouTube video
Giveaways: As much as the server likes to give free stuff, even other players can do giveaways which you can as well.
YouTubers: The server has a few YouTuber's who have been here and are still around. We offer cool perks and items for our YouTuber partners! The Owner is also a YouTuber
Suggestions: We are always open to your suggestions and feedback
New Features: As said above we are open to your suggestions and feedback and try to add every feature and suggestion received.

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