PlexusMC - 1.16.3

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Discord Discord
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Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.16.3 1.16.4
Typ Survival Towny MCMMO Custom Bosses Custom Enchants Custom Biomes Custom Map Custom Items
United States
Letztes Update28 Jan 2021
Beitrittsdatum18 Jun 2020


The PlexusMC are bringing back the old feeling of Minecraft, the survival aspect where you decides the way to run the game. You can choose how to progress and come up with your own strategies to gain new and unique items and achievements. The server also have a hidden lore behind it to be dug out and spans over multiple servers within the network. The Hidden Lore can be solved though the custom bosses and unique Items that Plexus has to offer


•  Bosses
•  Achievements
•  Anti-Drop of high loot
•  AFK
•  Auctions
•  Withdraw
•  Crates
•  Death Chests
•  Death Messages
•  GUI Menus
•  Tags
•  Elevators
•  Custom Tags (Veteran Tag on Alpha Joiners)
•  Custom Names and Lores
•  Stack-able Spawners
•  Flat Bedrock
•  Inventory Full Notice
•  Show your items in chat
•  Jobs
•  Towny (Land Claiming) Custom GUI
•  Mentioning Players (Chat)
•  Vaults
•  Shop GUI Menu
•  No Grief (No TNT land affects)
•  Trading
•  Timber (Cut Trees with one break)
•  Resource Word and Custom Terrain Build World

Change Logs
02 Aug 2020

DYNMAP!!!, Future Events and Towns on the UPRISE!


Hey SirBruce here,

There is current a dynamic map being rendered in the server at
the world is 40k by 40k blocks the map is absolutely massive. It still
has a few more days to go through you can view the progress of it now.

bit of an update with what's been going on the with server, we are
working on a massive tutorial for the server and redoing the help gui.
The new one will contain pretty much all information there is to know
about the server.

There is also a bunch of bug fixes going on along with a few new towns that are popping up.

As soon as there is a few more players on we can start doing events and competitions where we can really have some fun.

has been a few more secret additions on the server, it is up to you to
find them. Some Spoilers will be posted on the discord over time.

Come join, would love to hear you opinions on the server. Always looking for ways to improve

28 Aug 2020

New Competiton!
This is a build competition on the server

The winner of this competition gets:
$150k ingame money,
100 levels of xp
/fly permanent
1x Plexus crate key
The 2nd place gets 80k and the 3rd place gets 50k

Join the server and Build something awesome
You will be judged on
Look, Usefulness and the Amount of work that was put in
It has to be a new build

You can build anything, you don't have to be good at building, you can also build redstone contraptions and stuff like that
Look accounts for 30 points
Usefulness accounts for 30 Points
Amount of work accounts for 40 Points
Closes to 100 will win

Quickly! There is only a week left and when the timer ends the competition ends
When the time is up, i will post a google form and you can add your submissions
Must include the world and the coordinates it's in

May the best one win

Minimum of 5 participants