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Server IP
Status Unknown
Letzter PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.6.5
Typ Pve Survival Casual Active Community Chill Essentials Friendly Friendly staff No Griefing Semivanilla
United States
Letztes Update04 May 2021
Beitrittsdatum20 May 2020


Squads MC Server aims to create a chill and friendly community-driven Minecraft server for all. Our server has no griefing, stealing, or PvP in the main survival world, and a small economy aspect with chest shops. We're looking to grow further and add more quality players.

We encourage big, involved, community projects and huge builds on this server, but also welcome the lone builder/survivor :)

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/n2Ma9x8




Extended Server Info:

- Every week we hold a challenge in-game posted on the discord, and the winners get prizes!

- You can silk touch spawners

- There is access to /sethome, /home, /spawn, and /tpa. There is no access to /back.

- You cannot teleport at all in the end or nether. Only the vanilla portals will get you in and out

- The economy is based on diamonds, with 1 diamond = 1k. You can buy/sell diamonds at the admin shop for 1k each. Every other shop is player based with the ChestShop plugin

- The server reboots every night at 6 AM CST. It only takes 1 -2 min

- Main Plugins: Xconomy, ChestShop, DynMap, Coreprotect, BlockLocker, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Multiverse

- Data packs: AFK Display, Armour States, Double Shulker Drops, Dragon Drops, Larger Phantoms, More Mob Heads, Multiplayer Sleep, Coordinates HUD, Durability Ping, Player Head Drops, Wandering Trades (all from Vanillatweaks 1.16)


Server Rules:

Absolutely No Griefing or Stealing. Griefing is defined as placing anything or breaking anything in another's area without their permission. Another player's area includes all blocks within 30 blocks of anything they have built. Stealing is defined as taking anything without permission you did not earn yourself. Breaking this rule will earn an insta-perma-ban.

PvP is turned off. PvP is only allowed in the PVP Arena. Do not cause inadvertent harm to another player in the survival world by doing things such as placing lava near them, pushing them off a cliff, or into a lake to drown while AFK, etc.

No Cheating. Cheating is defined as having any game-altering add-ons that give you an advantage over another player. Custom Clients are okay, as long as they do not feature cheats. Fullbright, HUD Coords, Armor Status, etc is okay. X-Ray, Flying, etc is not. Cheaters will be given the perma-ban hammer, with a low chance of appeal, no matter how long you have played on the server.

No Spam or Harassment. Spam is defined as reposting any message repetitively in a small time frame. Spam is not allowed with in-game chat or anywhere on the discord server. Harassment is defined as repetitively engaging with one or more certain individuals without their permission or after they have asked you to stop.

No Excessively Crude Language. No sexual Innuendo at all. Crude language is tolerated to a reasonable amount, which is up to Admin and Mod discretion. A good rule of thumb is if you have a curse word every other sentence, you should probably tone it down. Explicit nicknames are not allowed at all.

No Begging for Items in the chat-rooms. This falls slightly falls under spam and harassment. When you join the server, it is expected you play the game for yourself and earn items yourself. You are more than welcome to offer trades for goods, services, or currency, but begging for free items will not be tolerated.


Thanks for reading,

We hope you find a new home here on this server!