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Webseite Webseite
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Status Online
Letzter Ping1 minute 49 seconds ago
Version 1.16.2
Typ Vanilla Survival Community Build AntiGrief Friendly Free Friendly staff
United States
Letztes Update06 Sep 2020
Beitrittsdatum20 Sep 2018


Last World Reset 08|28|2020
A Survival Experience... Builders Community with groups/anti-grief plugin. We are a community of survival builders tired of over-developed, Plugin-based servers.

We thrive on creative building, trading, and generally allowing our imaginations to take on their own forms!

Highly offensive language, bullying, racism and other forms of abuse are all forbidden; kids and adults alike can play here without fear of unnecessary profanity filling their screens. Chat rule: Keep it PG-13

Dedicated host and team of active developers and moderators, all working together to ensure the community is happy.


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