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Status Online
Letzter Ping17 minutes 21 seconds ago
Version Latest 1.17 1.17.x 1.17.10 1.17.2
Typ MCMMO Jobs Mob Arena Minigames Events No Grief SMP Community Quests Special Events
United States
Letztes Update03 Sep 2021
Beitrittsdatum21 Mar 2017


Recent Partial Map Reset!


MagnaRisa is a unique survival server that focuses on building.

Greylist system
Custom spawn
Frequent events
Great community!
Dedicated staff team!
No owner, community owned!


Plugins: McMMO, MobArena, Quests, Jobs, Minigames and many more!

Online Spieler – Vergangene 24 Stunden

Change Logs
09 Jun 2018

Dinos, skins, and flags! Many events planned for this summer. Attend community meetings to decide details and themes for our next events.

Land near spawn is getting a face lift thanks to the help of many community members. Join the team to showcase your building skills.

New community-made minigames now play-able with in-game currency prizes. Will you make it onto the leaderboards?

03 Sep 2021

New Map

About 65% of the map was reset to 1.17 chunks.
Explore all the new chunks to find fresh land and resources.
Helpful random warps added to spawn to help explorers!

New Farms

New community farms have been added with the update!
Blaze farm, coral farm, and zombie farm
Resources are now easier than ever to gather!

New Quests

Numerous new quests added around 1.17 content.
Explore the caverns and meet many new faces.
Help them out and you will be rewarded handsomely!

Triple Boost Weekend

All three of the server-wide boosts will be active
Enjoy them all over this long holiday weekend!
Don't forget to take advantage of the rank discount!